At Tioga, we are committed to bringing you the highest-quality heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions on the market. We provide a selection of additional equipment for use with our HVAC applications to ensure that your system operates at peak performance throughout your rental.


One of our Adoring FansControlling airflow during construction or renovation projects can allow you to improve air quality and environmental factors that may affect temperature consistency and drying times. Tioga’s air circulation fans provide proper velocity and direction of airflow in your building. Fans are also useful for:

  • Reducing heat costs
  • Reducing the time needed to bring the mass of the building up to temperature
  • Aiding in ground thawing
  • Helping exhaust moisture or contaminants
  • Helping eliminate condensation on walls and ceilings
  • Breaking up heat stratification

Tioga’s rental equipment includes cart fans, pedestal fans, circulation fans, box fans, and tiltable box fans.

Contact us today to learn more about our selection of fans and how they can improve your job site.

Air Circulation Fans
24” Diameter Fan
30” Diameter Cart Fan
30” Diameter Circulating Fan
30” Diameter Pedestrial Fan
36” Diameter Tilt Box Fan
36” Diameter Box Fan
48” Diameter Box Fan